Nar is one of the largest mobile operators in Azerbaijan. Several brand visuals and directions created for the brand.

Creative director / designer: Rahim Ismayil

Brand keyvisual showing a gift for new users in the Nar+ app. This visual had to be both in a positive spring mood and encourage to download the app. The visual solution performed better than expected.
CavanNar tariff is Nar's tariff aimed at young people, and since there are positive changes in this tariff, new images had to be prepared. Here is a visual copywriting solution using word play. Approaching the direction of the digital requirements of modern youth, we emphasized that young people are different and conveyed that the tariff is better.
The communication language and visuals of the Nar brand had to be refreshed. Because it was time to create vitality in monochromatic communication. A 2nd color and a new direction were prepared for this.
"Welcome" poster when Pomegranate brand started working with DDB Azerbaijan.

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