Location Russia
Client Vavilon LLC

Creative Director Rahim Ismayil

The Troya brand has been present in the Russian market since 2012. The company currently offers Troya products in 9 different types (only in 1-liter glass bottles).
In the new design, it is important to know at first glance that the product belongs to the Troya brand. In addition, the design should reflect the fact that the product does not use any harmful additives. When designing, competitor analysis must be performed and the design must not lag behind competitors.
In the previous design, the label designs of the products were in line with the old fashioned way and the labels were pale in color, which, along with other products, made them look dull in the shop window. They wanted this problem to be solved.
- The use of elements that will attract the customer's attention to the design and make it a premium quality product when shopping.
- Even if the customer does not know the brand and does not plan to buy such a product at the time of purchase, one of the important factors for the company is that he wants to buy and check the product as soon as he sees it.

Research & concept
Immediately after receiving the order, our studio began research. More than 15 competitors in the Russian market were investigated and the results became known. Based on the results, our work continued. Our research, concept and presentation were approved by the client. Focus group was formed. Designs were accepted from the focus group at a high price.
At present, 11 types of designs have been developed by us and successfully delivered.

In our design solution, we focused on the naturalness and freshness of the main product. Since the fruits are very fresh and tasty in the charming nature of Azerbaijan, we tried to show it on the label. Using real images of fruits, we completed the shortcomings of the previous product. Thus, a more interesting design has already been developed for its segment. Already from competitors, expresses good freshness and naturalness. 
Modern design elements used in the design allow you to see the product more quickly in the shop shelves.

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